car·riage re·turn

n. the lever or mechanism on a typewriter that would cause the cylinder on which the paper was held (the carriage) to return to the left margin of the page


A Sign of the Times

Just an FYI for all who read the site,I am back from the field and will be updating throughout the holiday weekend.

The Field. Again.

I had a number of things on my plate for an update today,but between having to work on Sunday and the need to get some rest before coming into work at 4:15 Monday morning mean that I have to resort to a placeholder post.

I’ve been extremely tired the past few weeks. In addition Read on…

Underextended? –Try “Kustomizing”Your Browser Experience

You know those online personality quizzes designed to fill the time between the first coffee break of the day and the first restroom break of the day? There’s one over at BBspot that has been there for several years,the Which OS Are You? Quiz. I’ve taken it several times Read on…

Welcome,Erick Michael

Today’s update will be rather brief. I spent most of the evening at Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton with Sean,one of the guys I work with,Stephanie,his wife,and their three-hour old little boy,Erick Michael.

Erick was born at 3:34 Tuesday afternoon. He was 7 pounds,6.5 ounces,21 inches at birth. Read on…

Stax Tracks

The weekend slipped away much too quickly,and I find myself struggling to update before I nod off. I’m due to be at work by 5:15 this morning,so a little shut-eye is going to be essential in determining how the day goes.

One of the most fortunate occurrences this weekend was discovering that