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Welcome,Erick Michael

Today’s update will be rather brief. I spent most of the evening at Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton with Sean,one of the guys I work with,Stephanie,his wife,and their three-hour old little boy,Erick Michael.

Erick Michael

Erick was born at 3:34 Tuesday afternoon. He was 7 pounds,6.5 ounces,21 inches at birth. He’s the most mild-mannered newborn I’ve ever known (not insubstantial,given my five siblings and numerous cousins). During the three hours I was at the hospital,he didn’t cry at all. Not once. He also has a full head of dark brown hair and his mom’s elvish ears. Both momma and little one are doing quite well,and while we were there Sean changed his first diaper ever.

Of course,I took pictures to commemorate the event. What baby book is complete without pictures of Dad’s first diaper change?

My Uncle Kootch gave me a teddy bear when I was very little,and as soon as my car is back up and running (the fuel pump finally gave out last night) I’m going out to find one for Erick. As it is right now,any teddy bear I’d give him would probably dwarf him.

Erick also has the distinction of being the first child born to friends of mine. I’m very excited for both Sean and Stephanie,and I’m looking forward to visiting the little guy. He’s easy-going and willing to be held by anyone,only occasionally opening his squinty eyes and looking up for a few moments before going back to sleep.

Erick’s birth also brings the last nine months full circle for me,as I was at Sean and Stephanie’s house when Stephanie came out of the bathroom,waving a pregnancy test and yelling “Sean! Babies! In my tummy!”As special as that moment felt at the time,it’s even more wonderful now to see the three of them together. It seems ages that I’ve known them,and I’m sure to Stephanie it feels like she’s been pregnant for ages,but now there’s a very tangible and sweet-tempered little guy to show for all the waiting.

Welcome to the world,Erick Michael.

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  • Wyl,

    I believe that your Uncle Neitz brought a baseball bat to you in the nursery at Community Memorial.

  • Wyl

    Indeed he did. I still have it in Trempealeau,in fact. It’s a Al Kaline model,and it’s seen quite a bit of use at this point. Very well balanced,though,and with that great wooden bat sound that comes with every hit.

    • I truly enjoy your music. Someone very special to me icrotduned your music to me and Ie2€™ve since then become addicted. Your words ring so true sometimes it hurts,and there isne2€™t a song of yours that Ie2€™ve heard that wouldne2€™t fit perfectly into our life soundtrack. Thank you for giving us something raw and genuine to enjoy. Keep up the good work. Maybe you could drop into our small town and jam at our small venue one day,it would be outstanding!

  • Pa

    Indeed we do! Yes. It is not in absolutely mint condition,but it could certainly be used in an emergency. It is to be found in the south wing overlooking the courtyard where there is,of course,ample parking.

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  • [...] I took young Erick Michael in for his two-week appointment yesterday afternoon. His dad,my friend Sean,is out in the field this week,and Stephanie can’t drive until next week (doctor’s orders). Sean asked me to stand in for him and take Steph and the little guy over to the Naval Hospital,which was an honor for me. The report was good –Erick’s gained two pounds since birth and is doing quite well. [...]

  • [...] Sean,as I’ve mentioned before,has a brand new little boy at home. He was the first of three guys in the shop to announce his wife was pregnant,and as the second youngest,he tends to get the most ribbing. I like to joke with him that he’s “everyone’s kid brother,”but he’s shown me a lot of guts and taught me a few lessons over the past few months. [...]

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