car·riage re·turn

n. the lever or mechanism on a typewriter that would cause the cylinder on which the paper was held (the carriage) to return to the left margin of the page


Lost Update Causes Ad-Libbing

I just committed the Cardinal Sin of the computing world.

I had a few links to track down to have everything just so,but before I went to find them,I didn’t save my update,which was 75% complete.

And,just because the world seems to be conspiring against me (and everyone else I know) this month,Firefox crashed. Of course,I have session recovery,but my update was lost forever.

I have only myself to be frustrated with,and I’m unspeakably so right now. I’ve got an Op/Ed column due in two days that I should be working on instead right now,but now that is put off another 45 minutes,at minimum.

I’d eventually like to make this a space where I write a few thousand words each time I update,but it’s a goal I’m going to have to work up to. Tonight is an annoying,but fortunately,rare hiccup in the greater scheme of things,and my field activity will hopefully start dwindling significantly in the next month.

A Diversion

Regardless of how settled you are,Find Your Spot is an incredibly fun way to pass a half-hour or so. After taking a brief survey of your preferences in weather,location,activities,and the like,the site gives you a list of cities and small towns which best reflect the type of community you would prefer to live in.

I take the survey periodically to see how my results fluctuate,and invariably there are a few that consistently make the list. Here’s how my results looked tonight,with places I have been to in bold,regulars on the list italicized:

  1. Carlisle,Pennsylvania
  2. Duluth,Minnesota
  3. Grand Rapids,Michigan
  4. Minneapolis/St. Paul,Minnesota
  5. Harrisburg,Pennsylvania
  6. Ann Arbor,Michigan
  7. Madison,Wisconsin
  8. Rochester,Minnesota
  9. Saint Cloud,Minnesota
  10. Omaha,Nebraska
  11. Rochester,New York
  12. Ames,Iowa
  13. Albany,New York
  14. Hancock-Houghton,Michigan
  15. Chicago,Illinois
  16. Plymouth,New Hampshire
  17. Cedar Rapids,Iowa
  18. Sioux Falls,South Dakota
  19. Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania
  20. Kalamazoo,Michigan
  21. Milwaukee,Wisconsin
  22. Erie,Pennsylvania
  23. Altoona,Pennsylvania
  24. Spearfish,South Dakota
  25. Iowa City,Iowa

Looking at that list,the upper Midwest and Pennsylvania are both very well represented. Perhaps it’s something having to do with the Great Lakes,but I just can’t imagine living anywhere else in the country anymore,though having a vacation home in Colorado would be awesome.

For the longest time I thought Duluth was the perfect city for me –good climate,astounding natural beauty,plenty to do outdoors –but I’m not quite certain if I’d even place it as my number two anymore. Obviously I’m excited to move to Madison (which I haven’t heard anything but good things about),but other cities could eventually become equally attractive. I keep hearing really good things about the new Pittsburgh…

On omission from the list is San Diego,which is intentional because of geographic location. If it weren’t in Southern California,San Diego is a city I might find myself growing to enjoy enough to live in. However,unless it finds a way to magically extricate itself from commuter and cost-of-living hell,that will never happen.

How close do you come to what you expected to be your top choice?

A Plug

If you’re at all a fan of sports,or if you fancy yourself a bit of a fashionista,slide on over to Paul Lukas’incredible blog. Paul’s eye for minutiae would do Sherlock Holmes proud,and his writing style is fresh and pleasing to read. Learn why purple is the most evil color in sports (even as a fallen-away Viking fan,I can’t believe this),track the originality-exterminating logo creep so common on today’s uniforms,find out why major league catchers paint their fingernails,and stop by Lukas’favorite soapbox –socks. Sites like Lukas’,who also writes/has written for,,The Village Voice,and The New York Times,are why the Interweb is so much more than a economic or research tool.

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