car·riage re·turn

n. the lever or mechanism on a typewriter that would cause the cylinder on which the paper was held (the carriage) to return to the left margin of the page


A Somewhat Brief Weekend Update

Beer Lists

Greg,a friend of mine out in Chicagoland,introduced me to a really cool website earlier last week. is something I’ve been looking for,on and off,for quite a while now –a place to keep track of and evaluate the beers I’ve sampled.

Part of it,I guess,plays into my love of lists.  I attain a great bit of satisfaction from putting items into order –debating within myself (or with others) the merits of each particular item,ordering them,and then fine-tuning the list.

As an aside,my friend Sean (yes,the one who recently became a daddy) and I took the majority of an afternoon at work hashing out,in our minds,the greatest rock bands of Classic (1960 –1985) and Modern (1985 –present) times.  This was brought on by our discovery that Syd Barrett (the founder of Pink Floyd) had died,and we actually wound up staying late to use the entire white board in our office to write out lists and eliminate candidates.  We went about this quite dispassionately,and I may or may not eventually post our findings.

Back to the subject at hand,I’ve spent part of the last week rating the beers that were at my immediate disposal.  My fledgling list (some of the guys at rate beer are up in the thousands of beers) is just what has been at hand for me to try,and neither comprises staples of my larder (Alaskan Amber) or beers I’ve specifically grown to dislike (any Anheuser-Busch products).  I’m also pretty excited about the site because it’s going to allow me to really pinpoint my tastes in beer.  There are a few hard and fast rules that I’ve already established,such as wheat beers generally making me sleepy,but part of the lure of the site will be learning more about myself.

If any of you are already using the site,or if you’re interested in joining me over there,let me know.

Tallahatchie Bridge

Remember the 1967 Bobbie Gentry hit “Ode to Billie Joe”?  One of my most vivid memories from early childhood is hearing that song for the very first time.  The song has always haunted me,and I’ve always thought the Tallahatchie Bridge looked something like this.  I bring this up because the song became a massive hit in late July of 1967,and as such,birthday wishes are in order.

A Plug

I’ll occasionally peruse Arts &Letters Daily,which is a a great place to find some of the best thought-stimulating writing available on the Interwebs.  On tap today:27,000 year-old Modigliani-style cave paintings,why we secretly hate Garrison Keillor (which was interesting for me to read for my own purposes),why we read the novels we do (which features this quote:“We found that men do not regard books as a constant companion to their life’s journey,as consolers or guides,as women do…They read novels a bit like they read photography manuals.”),and finally,The Tyranny of Blog:Enemy of Thought.

I’ll see you all here Monday morning.  Hope you’re having a great weekend.

2 comments to A Somewhat Brief Weekend Update

  • Jo

    Re rock bands:Tim and I decided this weekend that while Queen may not have necessarily been the greatest rock band of all time,Freddie Mercury was by far the best front man.

  • Wyl

    Not to totally spoil the surpise,but Sean and I put Queen at Number 8 for the Classic Rock period (1960 –1985).

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