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1976 All Over Again

I’ve mentioned before what a fan I am of Paul Lukas’work over at Uni Watch.  Ever since he’s started a daily blog I’ve found myself wandering over during work to go through his links and see what went on the night before,sports/ and the Houston Astros met for the last game of their present series.  It happened to be Retro Day at PETCO Park;both teams turned back the clock to 1976,uniform-wise.

First,both clubs deserve a ton of praise for doing this.  Occasionally a team will have a throwback day,only to have the visiting team show up in non-throwback threads.  This happened to the White Sox earlier this year,when,in a gesture of friendliness to their northern neighbors,wore retro uniforms from their 1906 World Champion team.  The Cubs,perhaps a bit sore over the Pale Hose’s recent success when compared to their championship drought,wore their batting-practice style blue jerseys,ruining a best-dressed competition.

Back to the Friars and ‘Stros.

Here’s a good look at what the Padres wore:

Trevor Hoffman

If you ask me (and you didn’t),that looks very sharp,nearly timeless.  The color combination will drive some folks nuts,but the design itself is gorgeous and doesn’t scream “1976!”at you.  The “Padres”script is set off very well by the thin goldenrod piping around it,and the sweep of the goldenrod in the cap is absolutely breathtaking when viewed from the side.  Trevor Hoffman (pictured above) looks like the Hall of Famer he is in these duds.  The only thing the Padres did wrong was wear black shoes with an otherwise brown ensemble.

The Astros showed up to the party looking like this:

Adam Everett

Now,I love a unique look,but the Astros jersey looks like a bad trip.  I love orange,but the look is completely overdone,and the number on the hip just looks awkward,especially with the enormous blue star on the opposite side of the shirt.  If it’s not enough to induce nausea,this has to be:

Mound Chat

Check out the detail there.  Four colors (FOUR!) in the stripe down the pants.  The orange of the hat doesn’t seem to correspond to any of the colors on the jersey,a minor miracle considering how nearly the entire spectrum of red-orange-yellow is represented.

Clearly,it was only a matter of fate the the Padres would win the game.  With first baseman Adrian Gonzalez (who wasn’t even born in 1976!) driving in three runs,the Padres sent the Astros home with a 5-2 victory.

Brian Giles and Josh Barfield celebrated the style coup sedately.  After all,wouldn’t want to ruin such fine threads:

Giles and Barfield

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