car·riage re·turn

n. the lever or mechanism on a typewriter that would cause the cylinder on which the paper was held (the carriage) to return to the left margin of the page



Another update from Minnesota Public Radio,with 75.7% of precincts reporting:

Norm Coleman –42.2%
Al Franken –41.5%
Dean Barkley –15.4%

With the Senate currently standing at 56-40 in favor of the Democrats,MSNBC rates the other races outstanding:

Georgia (95% reporting)
- Chambliss (R)* –52%
- Martin (D) –44%

Oregon (40% reporting)
- Merkley (D) –48%
- Smith (R)* –47%

Alaska (0% reporting)
- Begich (D)
- Stevens (R)*


At first glance,it seems that Gordon Smith is holding closer to his challenger Jeff Merkley than originally anticipated. FiveThirtyEight rated this race as “Likely Democratic”in their final analysis.

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