car·riage re·turn

n. the lever or mechanism on a typewriter that would cause the cylinder on which the paper was held (the carriage) to return to the left margin of the page


American V:The Pain of Johnny Cash


When I was spending the summer of 2004 in the heat-beaten desolation of extreme Western Iraq,I had plenty of opportunity to get to know the men in my platoon. One of them,a guy named Larry,was a 155mm howitzer section chief by trade,forced into a role as a squad leader after Read on…

Thoughts before Memorial Day

On 25 March,2004,a family in Texas lost their son. For a bunch of guys sitting in the Iraqi desert,we lost a young man about our own age,a guy with a soft heart and quiet maturity. When Casper left us late that morning,and while we sat all afternoon in the hot Read on…

The Lost Boys of Echo,cont.,cont.

On Sunday,three guys from Echo Battery,the unit I deployed to Iraq with,were struck by a roadside bomb. The first,Lopez,sustained third-degree burns over 50% of his body,and is burned a total of 95%. They have already amputated both his hands. Tapia,the second one hit,has third-degree burns over 25-50% Read on…