car·riage re·turn

n. the lever or mechanism on a typewriter that would cause the cylinder on which the paper was held (the carriage) to return to the left margin of the page


Aw,Hell,it’s Mike Gravel!

Due to a presently unfinished paper which is due later today,I didn’t have an opportunity to write a post last night. In my view,the absolute weirdness of Mike Gravel completely makes up for this failing. This video’s damn sure better than any of those other candidates’Christmas/Holiday ads that the media has been Read on…

Someone who does it the way I only wish I could.

About a month ago my friend Tim invited me to be the “conservative”co-author of his blog,Dammit. I was initially hesitant to accept because I didn’t want to disappoint him the way I’ve disappointed myself here,but I realized that I needn’t force myself into a daily,or even every-other-day,posting schedule. Read on…

A Somewhat Brief Weekend Update

Beer Lists

Greg,a friend of mine out in Chicagoland,introduced me to a really cool website earlier last week. is something I’ve been looking for,on and off,for quite a while now –a place to keep track of and evaluate the beers I’ve sampled.

Part of it,I guess,Read on…

Lost Update Causes Ad-Libbing

I just committed the Cardinal Sin of the computing world.

I had a few links to track down to have everything just so,but before I went to find them,I didn’t save my update,which was 75% complete.

And,just because the world seems to be conspiring against me (and everyone else I know) Read on…

The (Former) Leaning Tower of Sioux Falls

I was looking for a video of a modified Jaguar XJS autocrossing today (it was mentioned in an article of Hemmings Sports &Exotic Car magazine,of which I am a subscriber/avid reader) when I came across this video.

I sat and chuckled Read on…